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So yesterday I’ve received some PR story on the China industry site that basically back translated a hiring announcement of me joining the new gig. Plain and simple, work history, what I’ll be doing now. I replied to some comments that I thought was untrue and unfair to me, without trying to belittle the instigator. Here are some additional tidbits for the gossipers from China who might flock here.

Hiring announcement is an industry standard, they’re not made for self promotion for the individual nor the company, it is what it is. Not my idea, not my employer’s idea.

On accusation of me and two of my previous employers in China. The rule is, never discuss details about shops, as this is also industry practice. However, with those two agencies in question, if you’re a gossiper, you should know what happened after I’d left.

Here are some additional details about my newest employment.

1. I got reference checked, three times. Twice I had to provide in total, 4 contacts from agencies in United States, amongst them, world famous creatives. Then, approvals were processed from greater China, then Asia Pacific, and finally, New York Headquarter. My past bosses did receive questionares and called me to confirm. Some of them wanted to keep me in the states.

2. I didn’t ask for the title, and I didn’t take the job for the pay, I took it for a great boss I can learn from. I get opportunities based on my book, that’s always been the case ever since I started, and its pretty much true 90% of the time in this industry.

3. I was asked to come to China.

Lastly, to the instigator, focus on your work, commenting on an industry gossip site during work hour won’t give you any new ideas. Also it’s not going to make you any taller or thinner. Had I been the type of person you described, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to work at some of those shops in my resume. I told you before that assignment you did is crap when I was in Beijing, I still stand by that, if you want to challenge me you’re welcome to bring the work out and show that on a public forum. I ignored your personal attacks towards me in the company because I don’t think you’re worth my attention, but to instigate on a public forum is a different story. Finally I hope you can try to show up to work on damn time for a change, I’m betting that’s still not happening these days is it?

昨天,在中国的行业博客网站里出现了一些有关我的聘用消息,基本上是翻译了 Campaign Brief 中的公告信息。简单的叙述了我的工作经历,我现在公司的新角色。其中,我对一些不真实,对我不公平的回帖,在尽量尊重煽动者的情况下给了我的看法。以下是一些小细节,专门给国内爱说闲话的业内人看。




1。在公司录用我之前,公司作出了三次官方交叉参考,我两次提供了4个在美国的创意代理商联系方式,其中包括业界名人。 之后中国区,亚太区,纽约总部三层批准,很显然,我通过了。我甚至接到了以前老板的电话,试图把我留在美国。

2。我没有主动要求我现在得到的职位,我也从来不仅仅为了工资多少而卖命,我加入一个公司的原因永远是为某一个很优秀的创意老大, 从他们那里我能学到很多东西。我的作品集一直注定着我得到的工资高低,自从我入行就如此,而且90%的时候这也是业内的真理。


最后,致煽动者,请你专心本职工作,干活的时候查看业内八卦网站不会给你带来任何新点子。这种动作也不会让你长高, 或者变瘦。如果我正如你说的那样,我不会有在我简历上的那些创意公司的工作机会。我之前在北京告诉过你的作品是crap,我现在仍然坚持我的评价,如果不服,也可以拿出来在八卦网站上晒晒。之前在公司里背后说我坏话,老板们点你的名告知我,我没有作出任何反应因为我觉得根本犯不上计较,但是在公共论坛上诋毁我,性质有所不同。最后,我希望你改变一下,上班准点,不过我赌你现在还是那样,根本做不到,对吧?

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