Yuki blinking in Tokyo


Trip in Tokyo was fun. Happy 2014 everyone.


The first thing I noticed about aging is my hearing. I remember the day someone else pointed out the high frequency noise that came out of a CRT TV instead of me. You know, that hissing noise from cheap TVs in sleep mode.

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PS controller evolution

ps controller evolution

Just a random gif I found.


LED and Blur

from Instagram http://instagram.com/p/hgOOHtBori/

Don’t touch cat #hongkong

from Instagram http://instagram.com/p/gzppkVBonu/

Fight club #hongkong

from Instagram http://instagram.com/p/gp_Oo6hovd/


Bo Deng Macau

I never grew to be fond of Casinos, or Gambling towns. Maybe it’s because I had a bad start. I remember falling into a really bad mood in Vegas on my 21st birthday, when I planned the trip hoping to gamble. I remember locking my self in my room, angry over some argument with the girlfriend, and watched TV all day. That was pretty much it, ever since then, whenever I step into a casino, I head to the shops and restaurants, I look at the people on the gambling floor with a distain and bad taste in my mouth I can’t wash out of, then I just get bored. I don’t understand the people that’s willing to accept the game of chance when the chances are skewed so obviously towards the house, some people just have the money to burn I guess.

So Yes, I came to Macau not for gambling, but a little bit of market research the food. It’s smart on resorts to introduce other reasons to visit. Totally got me.
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Street Art

Bo Deng Hong Kong Street Art

Negative Possitive

Bo Deng Hong Kong Negative Possitive Building