Le Royal Meridien

bo deng View from Le Royal Meridien

Le Royal Meridien Again, This time I’ve got a gorgeous view of the Bund. Picture during the day after the jump.

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Molokai Shanghai

bo deng Molokai Shanghai

Flew to Shanghai for a quick stop. Was good to meet old friends over food. This is Molokai (摩罗街)

Shanghai Again

bo deng view from royal le meridien shanghai

Shanghai weekend trip. Glad to get out of a heavily polluted Beijing and get into a comparatively speaking, only slightly better Shanghai. Glad to be in Shanghai non the less. This view is out of Le Royal Méridien. I used to always pass by this hotel and thought of it as just an average place. Turns out it’s in a pretty awesome location and the staff gave me a good room with nicer than usual rate. The view of the park did remind me somewhat of Manhattan. Ok I know, to compare people’s park to Central park is a travesty, I’m just trying to make the most of my moment here.

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Westin Shanghai

bo deng shanghai 0413c

Having lived in Shanghai for 9 months I really appreciated how much this metropolis had to offer. At the same time, I felt a bit unfortunate since I was too busy working and didn’t explore this city like I did with Beijing. Over the weekend I flew back to hand over the apartment keys to my landlord. I have to admit, I love this city more and more each and every time I’m here. Beijing, well, I’m feeling the exact opposite right now.

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I’m in a Hummer Limo

Thanks to Andrew Lok, I was able to get into a Hummer Limo today. Craziness.

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On our way back, the road was blocked by these seeds, and farmers cracking their shells with hammers. I couldn’t tell what kind of seeds they are, but they told me these are for some kind of Chinese medicine.

Horse Riding in Pudong

Portman Shanghai

The one with the pointy star is Shanghai Exhibition Center, one of my favorite buildings in the city.

Halloween 2012

This year in Halloween, I’m a Nationalist

Lunches and Dinners

Food in Shanghai is great. At the moment, I’m addicted to Shanghainese cuisines, while others make me drool over too. The following are some of the places I’ve discovered so far. This is Tenya, a solid Japanese place Dwayne took me to.

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