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September 19, 2010

uh... Hello Class


So, for the few of you that read my blog often,(whatever your reason might be) you might have noticed my lack of posts lately. Work in the past few weeks has been very demanding, and at the same time I've taken on a new challenge.

A few month ago, I was reunited with two of my favorite teachers from ArtCenter. I was told that they're tasked with improving quality of the new bloods in the advertising program in Academy of Art, here in San Francisco, and since they're short on instructors, they wondered if I'd like to help out. Without hesitating, I've accepted.

There's a saying in Chinese that loosely translate to: Having a teacher for a day equates to having a parent for life. (一日为师,终生为父) let's hope I'm at least half-assedly good as my teachers. Brace your selves kids, here comes professor Deng.

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