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August 8, 2010

Summer Movies

the karate kid.jpg

The Karate Kid was a beloved classic of my childhood, only thing was I was too young to relate to that story. This 2010 remake of the story had many elements I loved, though I thought it really should have been called "The Kung Fu Kid".I chose this movie as my opener of the Summer season not because it's a nostalgia film, but I chose it because I felt the need to pay respect to Will Smith, who is the producer on this film. Making this film sounds near impossible, taking the consideration of a production in China, writing a story that's both true to the original franchise and a step up from them. Plus a corny story of an early teen's "coming out of his shell" story. In the end, the movie was pulled off, and it is truly enjoyable. I had a lot of fun as a picky early 30 something and I'm not afraid to say it. I also wanted to commend Jaden Smith, I felt he truly related to that character, who was singled out and lonely.


There are two things I really look forward to around my birthday in June. One of them is a Pixar film. It has become my annual tradition ever since Toy Story. This year once again they didn't disappoint. The 3rd film to end this story well. It wasn't as powerful as UP since all the main characters are already established, but still, it is a film that will beat out its' competition once again.


Then of course, this must see. Christopher Nolan is somewhat of a Hollywood effect whistle blower, everything's gotta have real physics and textures, script aside, that creative vision alone is worth seeing.

capitalism a lover story.jpg

Alright, this wasn't a summer flick, I just happen to finally see it. I love Michael Moor films, he fights for the common man, not afraid to piss people off, and I think he is one of the visionaries in America. I hope more people watch his films than people watching FOX.

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