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August 17, 2010

Weekend of National Parks

Yosemite 2.png

Yosemite 4.png

Sequoia National Park 1.png

Sequoia National Park 4.png

bear in sequoia.png

Gerneral Sherman, me.png

This past weekend we took a trip to two our America's prettiest National parks, Yosemite, and Sequoia. Sequoia was a bit out-of-the-way from SF, but after hearing that it has some of world's largest trees, it got me really interested, especially after Yosemite became some what of a let down as it requires you to park in a super crowded parkinglot and get on the shuttle to see the El capitan up close.

Sequoia sure paid off, as we walked down the trail to see the famed General Sherman, a teenage bear walked by us, a brief acknowledgment, and it walked away.

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