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January 26, 2009

For Everyone I love and those who loved me back.


January 25, 2009

CNY 09 at QingDao Garden / Polaroid Of the Week 01 26 09

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Compare to some of the other metropolitan cities, Boston still hasn't yet embraced the whole "China explosion" phenomenon. The Chinese new year here is very quite. Luckily, after some clever research, I did find the one Chinese restaurant that serves dumplings made from fresh dough. Yes I'm picky with my dumplings. To my non-asian friends whom are not very familiar with Chinese culture, its believed that you will be prosperous in the new year if you have some dumplings on new year's eve, especially in the north. As a northern boy, eating dumplings and watching the special "Spring Festival Grand Gala" on tv are the two traditions I carry every single year.

CNY 09.png

Thanks to the internet and Qingtao Garden in Cambridge, I was able to do both this year again. The restaurant is not by any means fancy, but is very cozy. The dishes are authentic, and I suspect its a family ran business as it offered a lot of home cooked style dishes rather than your typical cuisine items. The patrons there that night were really nice, while we were the only "asian table" in there, EVERYONE there knew whats up, and greeted the waitresses with "happy new year". The family sat next to us even came by and complimented our huge order of food. another one even said "xie xie" as we held the door open for him when we left. I was... very impressed.

Popita at qingdao garden.png

Thanks to Nui and Popita for coming out with me. It was fun. Now Nui, I'm sorry for not posting your polaroid, since you didn't like that one. Hehe.

January 22, 2009


Lately I've been on a Documentary streak. A production house came in to the agency and pitched couple of directors, and one director had an interesting story where he made a documentary on abortion in America in the span of 18 years. I got interested and looked into getting this film, but in the process of doing so, I decided to watch a couple more. I'm so glad that I did it. I have yet to watch the film I'm talking about, which is called Lake of Fire, directed by Tony Kaye, but I will soon, mean while, I watched these. I strongly recommend you to watch these if you get a chance.

Man On Wire.png
Man On Wire is a beautiful film, and its' subject is an extraordinary French wire walker that had an impossible vision of walk on a wire hoisted between the two world trade center towers and eventually succeeded in doing that.

Jesus Camp.jpg
This is a documentary from couple of years ago. I've been interested in watching this film for a while now and I finally did it last night. It was interesting peaking into what I consider, the other end of the spectrum of the American society. I thought the narrative is a bit forced with interjection of the radio host casting his point of view though. Its' not that I'm not on his side, I just thought the depiction of the radical evangelicals are powerful enough on its' own that it doesn't really need any voice to bring us back to the reality. Anyways, its very interesting, and I am now more scared of middle America than I ever have.

Up The Yangtze.png
This was a film that got some noise at various award shows last year, It's a film following two young people around the Yangtze river and how they crossed paths on a luxury cruise line catered mainly for english speaking tourists. It was pretty clever on using the two young people as a back drop of a much more complicated and massive Yangtze River urban migration project. I loved this one, it's such relevant film to today's China, and it's a shame that China's not marketing this one in the country.

January 19, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day

no more bush.png

January 18, 2009

Dear Mr. President

I've recently heard of this film and it's "inconvenient truth" for Americans to understand the current budget deficit. As the new president takes office in two days, this is my number one concern I wish Obama will address.

January 17, 2009

Guerilla pulled off nicely

Well I'm sure thousands of creative teams out there right now are hating them selves and their clients for this. Yep, I pitched this idea to my clients too, and yep! they all shut it down, and yep, they all think its ridiculous, its lame, and over time, you kindda think they might be right and stop pitching this silly idea. Nod T-mobile for doing this, I'm certain that from now on we'll just see a lot of annoying imitations of this tactic being pulled off badly.

January 15, 2009

Conversation with Primrose

Conversation with Primrose.png

Chinese girls

God, this is pathetic. I don't know girls that are like that, but I certainly know girls that use their ways to manipulate guys. This however... is pretty ballsy for a girl, or, no class? Anyways, some of you girls might work and dance really hard for a shitty Lexus, but I mean, come on, a Buick Regal? Really? Thanks Eric for the link.

John Huet








John Huet is a photographer based in Boston. He's been traveling to China for the past year and was in Beijing during the spectacular 2008 Olympics. He just recently came back and decided to update his website. Me, along with couple of cool kids from Mullen Boston and in W+K Shanghai were privileged with designing some of his photos. The pictures above are some of the ones I helped out with. You can view the rest of the series at http://www.johnhuet.com

Atlantis Sailing Gear

atlantis sailing gear.png

Designed with hardcore sailors in mind, Atlantis Sailing Gear makes it perfect for a transition jacket from winter to spring.

January 13, 2009

Boston in winter night.

Boston in snow and a caution sign.png

Standing in the snow in the past weekend really made me appreciate how beautiful winter can be. These are some brief moments I captured before I ran back to my car and sped back to my cozy apartment.

Snow covered VW.png

Snow covered Bench near Northpoint Boston.png

Cambridge Bridge.png

Boston in snow2.png

Snow and lights.png

January 11, 2009

Polaroid of The Week 01 11 09

Watching snow fall to me is like watching waves on the beach. I can watch it forever. This wknd, I finally put on a brave face, grabbed my camera and tripod to go outside and take some pictures of the city. they'll be posted when they're developed, for now, here are two polaroids.

Boston in snow.png

My car in snow in mullen.png

January 5, 2009

Pepsi Logo


New Pepsi logo.jpg

God, so after Saatchi NY's lame 15mil I "heart" NY redesign, here's another example of a big ad agency fucking up a logo. While I really appreciate the simplicity of the type and the blue can, I really do not dig the "smile" logo Arnel designed for Pepsi. Why? some might ask? I think its hard to make a round logo asymmetrical, if there's a shift in balance, there has to be a really good balance. Think AT&T, the Yin Yang, they're all essentially balanced, circle within a circle. This smile thing... well, or the smirk, or the butt crack, what ever it is, its not balanced, therefore its fugly.

Last Macworld tomorrow, Good luck Steve Jobs.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

I'm sad to see yet another report concerning Steve Jobs' health, hope he recovers soon. Mean while, this is pretty well done and entertaining. Hehe, I love the subtlety.

January 4, 2009

Tuesdays With Morrie


Up to this point of my life I have never finished a book in one sitting. Up to this point of my life I have cared most about my own satisfaction. Those who did not meet my criteria in anything are speedily cast out, put off to a lower tier on my priority list. Up to this point of my life, I considered work to be my sanctuary, I take great pride in what I do therefore no one can be more important than that. I take on desire and greed as part of my soul, and did not care who I disappoint or hurt, as long as I serve my purpose. "Survival of the fittest." we're often taught, if not told. As long as my goal gets achieved, consequences do not matter. This book completely shattered my value system, I enjoyed this book very much and at least for me, life changing. A Big Big thanks to Vivien, who recommended me this book just out of the blue, while I was browsing through advertising award annuals.

January 3, 2009

Holiday Travels

After a brutal day with various airlines, namely US Airways and Continental, I'm finally back in Boston. Lets just say the experience wasn't pleasant. A note to America, how come everyone's beating us to this alternative energy game? Even Kiwi's are beating us! I really hope America is not yet too fat and dumb to change the game.

January 2, 2009

Snowboarding in Mt High.

Me @ Mt high.png

Its the first time for me to Snowboard outside of Beijing. James and I went to Mountain High Resort, an hour outside of LA. I have to say, snowboarding here is so much better, I did not expect the course to be so big, nearly 3 times longer than the medium course in Nan Shan Park Beijing. In fact it was so big, that I had rest in the middle. I soon adjusted though and had a blast.

Mt high at night.png

Yeah, we snowboarded til night. Sunset was beautiful.

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